Argumentative Essay: Holocaust Revisionists

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Holocaust Deniers
Holocaust deniers are a group of people who refute the Holocaust happened; the historical event is either grossly exaggerated or did not happen. Interestingly, the deniers prefer to be referred to as “historical revisionists” and they rather term the Holocaust as the Holohoax or Holoco$t. When making an argument, limited information may substantiate any claim, but it is not the whole picture. Consequently, limited information seems more like a distortion with an objective. Historical revisionists only look at the evidence that supports their claims, while ignoring the whole of the evidence that could possibly discredit their beliefs. I am going to restrict my research to a few basic claims and try to identify how each claim is based on belief or feelings rather than scientific evidence.
First the claim that the number of bodies cremated was not mathematically possible at the killing centers, and concentration camps. However, like all great systematic endeavors, they usually have small beginnings that lead to ambitious feats. The Nazi efforts did not begin with the mass genocide of Jews, that was just their end game. The Euthanasia Program served as a kind of dress rehearsal to the Final Solution. This gave the SS plenty of experience to efficiently gas and cremate Jews. Camps were first
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A researcher could barely consider the information provided by the Holocaust deniers as facts because of their complete disregard for information that contradicts their claims. Four gas chambers could easily accommodate 6,000 killings per day. Furthermore, the Nazi’s killings, ideology, propaganda, and persecution of Jews and other victims was the worst kept secret throughout the world. We can disregard the very public propaganda, and confessions from the high-ranking officers in charge but the deniers still don’t have the science supporting their
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