Argumentative Essay: How I Comprove The Writing Skills Of Students

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As a freshman in the university, I am exposed to a new world of knowledge. Being the most important subject throughout our study, English writing class is required to enhance the writing skills of students. I used to write about argumentative essays during my secondary school life. However, what we were required to write in the past is distinct from university standard. Consequently, I am eager to improve my writing styles and vocabulary. When I write a composition, unclear comprehension to formats of different writings and using repeated words are the two common issues that I usually encounter. Therefore, the goals I have set are reading more dissimilar writing styles and academic vocabulary. During this semester, I have approached to various essays in different lessons including business reviews and several argumentative essays. I have broader horizons in English writing such as the sentence patterns and the voice used in academic essay and normal writings are unlike. Initially, I did not notice that passive voice is more preferred in academic writing to avoid…show more content…
I have done some research to the topic which is closely related to my essay. After generating some ideas during the research, I have already planned my essay. For example, the stance and the references that should be used in the essay. This greatly improved the efficiency of my writing. I drafted the essay quickly with basic understanding to my essay topic. Much of the effort was spent on reviewing and editing the essay after I have received comments from peers and teacher. For me, the most significant experience on the approach is these two stages. It provides me chance to receive precious comments to enhance my writing and learn about my shortcomings. Besides, I gain a chance to learn more about English writing skills. This skill is essential to me as a learner because it is necessary for me to know what my weakness

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