Process Essay: How To Choose Self-Defense Weapons

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How to wisely choose your self-defense weapon
The issue of self defense is based on the eternal question of choosing the right tool for you. Concealed carry is not necessarily limited to carrying a gun. Somebody might feel more comfortable with a taser or pepper spray and sometimes you just simple don´t need a gun to protect yourself.
Even more there can come a situation, when you won´t be able to conceal a firearm, or when carrying a gun is simply forbidden. In these cases, there are many other, useful and handy tools for self defense from which you can choose the right one for you. All of these items have their strengths, weak spots, limitations and consequences and can help you in many different situations.
Pepper spray is ideal for anybody who doesn´t feel comfortable with firearms but at the same time wants to feel safe
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Only having a gun around and relying on its intimidating look will scare an attacker off is really not a good idea. You can´t know if he tries to take it from you, fight for it with you or even worse – pull out his own gun and you bet, he will be ready to use it. So after you are really determined to get a firearm, next question that comes into mind is the sort of firearm you want. A pistol is easy to conceal and carry with you anytime. A rifle has better qualities for shooting at distance, but can´t be considered a concealed carry weapon. Whatever you get and whatever caliber and type of the firearm you eventually choose, the most important thing is to practice with it! Just because you have a gun and you might feel safer, you are not protected until you learn to use it properly at a range practicing. Practice and repetition help to improve your skills that will determine your reaction and behavior in a life threatening
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