Argumentative Essay: I Want To Being A Superpower

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Human beings are known to be selfish and I won 't deny that. We want to be the best and do the best. We love being the center of attention and most of the time we don 't care about others. That 's why, if we are told to choose a superpower, the first thought we have is "I want to be the strongest”, "I want to be the fastest”, or "I want to be the smartest”. We only think about superpowers like speed, strength, mind reading, being able to fly, and being invisible. We should look around and see the world around us. What 's going on? Sicknesses, terminal diseases, wars, natural disasters, violence, etc. All of these problems are frustrating because some of us would like to give a hand to the ones that need our help and most of the times it is impossible. We don 't have the physical or economic conditions for helping. This situation is out of our hands. So, if I was given the opportunity to choose a superpower, why not choose one that would give me the ability to help the people around me?

Many of us have lost family members, friends, classmates, loved ones, etc. Most of them have gone
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Now the fun part of the superpower of healing. We all have good and bad days. Most of the bad days that we have are when we are sick. Even if it 's a simple flu, we feel weak, we make a whole drama out of it, and sometimes we even say we feel like dying. When we have the flu, a stomach disease, or a headache, we don 't want to do anything, not even party. Now imagine there 's this big party coming up soon. Everyone 's talking about it and you want to go so bad, but you 've got the flu and your mom wants you to get some rest. Wouldn 't it be having really bad luck? If this superpower existed, we would not go through all of this and all of our problems would be solved. You would just need to make a phone call and your good to go. You could call me and I would arrive instantly and heal you. You would be able to assist the party, not miss a thing about it, or later regret
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