Argumentative Essay: Immigration To The United States

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In America, our great nation is facing an immigration problem. As of 2014 there was an estimate of twelve million illegal citizens in the United States ( There is an average of 700,000 illegal citizens who enter every year ( Immigration is important to the prosperity of our country. However, the government needs to take the proper steps to ensure that each immigrant enters legally. The first thing America should do is build a wall. The U.S. border with Mexico underlines four states from California to Texas. There was a fence built on the U.S. Mexican border with the Bush administration’s Secure Fence Act. “It’s a lot more expensive than expected when we started it, and it was much more difficult” ( Donald Trump wanted to build a wall but with less cost. The cost to build one mile of fencing would cost between $2.8 million and $3.9 million ( Although some people say it wouldn’t be worth building one, because it wouldn 't make it any more secure. …show more content…

Do you think it would be fair for immigrants to just become a citizen? Well let me answer that for you, I don 't think it would be fair I think they should take the proper steps.There are an easy six steps to become an american citizen, find out whether you are eligible, overcome barriers to your ineligibility, file USCIS form, get fingerprinted, attend a citizenship interview, and lastly attend the oath ceremony ( In the United States, there are alone 22 million jobless citizens on average ( Yet, there are 8 million illegal citizens employed in the United States ( Employers must require a strong background check before

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