Argumentative Essay: Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

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Indiana’s RFRA was passed on March 26 of 2015. This Religious Freedom Restoration Act allows individual and businesses to practice their religious beliefs without being punished for their action in court. In addition, it also protects businesses from other religious owners. After the act was passed, many people protested against the act because they are saying that this law discriminate against LGBT people. Many businesses in Indiana are denying LGBT people service and their action are justify because of Indiana’s RFRA. Indiana 's RFRA should be unconstitutional because it violates the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause and religion should not override laws.
Every individuals in the United States have equal protection under the law. However, Indiana 's RFRA allows businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community. It allows business owners whose religion does not tolerate homosexuals to not serve LGBT people. This violates the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment because not everyone in Indiana is treated
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In Indiana’s defense, some might say that Indiana’ RFRA is mirrored from the federal RFRA, where it protect people’s religious freedom and doesn’t specifically discriminate against LGBT people. However, the federal RFRA was intended to protect individual’s religious freedom from government intervention unless there was a compelling interest. On the other hand, Indiana’s RFRA protects private companies religious freedom and it justifies discrimination based on the name of religion.
Overall the LGBT community should have rights that everyone have and laws that discriminate should be outlaw including Indiana 's RFRA. It discriminate against LGBT by letting religious business owner to deny LGBT people service and excluding them from the rest of the society. The LGBT community deserve equal treatment like the rest of the community by the law from both federal and state, they should not be discriminated because of other people’s religion or

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