Argumentative Essay: Information On Survival On A Homeless Island

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Island Survival Essay Directions: Read each article posted in Google Classroom. Each article is about information on surviving on a deserted island. Use evidence from both articles as well as evidence from The Cay to Answer the essay prompt below. Essay Prompt: Timothy has a plan for survival as soon as they hit the shore of the cay. Every action is meant to set both Phillip and Timothy up for survival on the island. After reading both articles, do you think that Timothy’s plan for survival on the island was correct based on the two informational articles? Argue in a multi-paragraph essay using evidence from The Cay and the articles to support your stance. People who get stranded often know what to do first and how to do it to survive. Timothy knows how to survive because he knew how to get fresh water, he knew how to get food, he knew how build things like shelter and fire’s. All of these things help Timothy and Phillip to survive. Timothy knows how to get fresh water because he spent most of his life on a boat and he was near the Ocean and Ocean water can kill you if you drink to much so he had to get fresh water. One example is on page 77 of the Cay it says, “He’d picked up bamboo lengths on the beach and had fitted them together into a short pipe to funnel the rain water into our ten-gallon keg.” This explains that Timothy has created a water source or a solar water still from both of the articles on how to survive. For instance article

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