Argumentative Essay: Is 16 Too Young To Drive?

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Teens start driving or learning to drive when they’re sixteen. As teens then move on they get their license and start driving themselves places and start to become independent. Then teens turn 17 and their most likely in their senior year of high school and are looking at colleges and applying to some. Teens are preparing themselves for the next couple years of being independent and depending on themselves. Before you know it their 18, officially an adult and are ready to go into the real world. Through these years teens are preparing themselves, they are becoming adults.I believe that teens start to officially become adults between the ages of 16-18.

Many teens when they turn 16 get their permit on their birthday and for the next 6 months practice driving everywhere. In the passage “ Is 16 too young to Drive a Car?” It talks about how the driving age should be raised (Davis 240) . People want it to be raised because older teens are mature and know what to do. However, starting to drive at 16 starts to show teens how to become more mature, it starts to take them to adulthood and show them that they’ll be driving for the rest of their lives. It
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Teens are starting to think about college, apply to college, or even getting letters back about getting accepted to a college at this age. This is getting teens to think about how they’re going to be in a dorm room with a roommate for the next couple years of their lives. They won’t have their parents to depend on all the time they will have to support themselves, but parents will still always send money they won’t just forget about their kids. However, teens won’t have parents to make food for them or buy them things they need they’ll have to do it on their own. In the passage “ A Parent’s Role in the Path to Adulthood” it talks about how college kids rely on their parent’s so much during their years

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