Argumentative Essay: Is America A Catholic Country?

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Why is America not a Catholic Country? A majority of the people are Catholic, and although America is a free country and you do have the freedom to believe whatever you feel. But, why should we have to worry about what we are saying if most people are Catholic. The Catholics should not have to feel as if they can not talk to about their religion in school or even in the grocery market. It is wrong that Catholics do not have a country that is strictly filled with their religion. We should be able to be in a place where we do not have to worry about others opinions or beliefs. A place where people of that faith will be surrounded by others who share their same beliefs. If America were to be a Catholic Country, only a Catholic President would be allowed. There should be no wonder about if God is real or not. Our countries decisions would have to be based on the bible. The white house will have a chapel in it, and it will be where the president will spend most of his time. The president will pray to God and hope for peace. Our country will rely on a president who has faith and follow his example. The…show more content…
A law will go into effect that on Sundays all people must attend the catholic church. All families will have to sign into a church. You may going to Saturday or Sunday night masses too. If it is seen that someone in the society is not logged in to at least one mass a week, legal consequences will be enforced. America has many flaw, but a lot of it is good. We have somethings as they are because we need to understand the wrong that can come with it. America is not catholic because it is a country where multiple people of different nation come. Those who come from different countries have their own practices, customs, and religions. If America had one religion than most people who have migrated to the United States would not have come at all. They wouldn’t go to a country where they could not be
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