Argumentative Essay: Is America A Christian Nation?

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Even with the intentions of coming with religious parliament the pilgrims and puritans did not succeed so even long ago religious followers could not frame this country to be Christian or religious. Inferring that our key founders and the English colonist that help set the framework for this country are not conservative Christians. Our founders would have never supported the fact that our nation would officially be Christian because of their strong opposition with the combining of church and state. The English colonist settles this with the mayflower compact and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison settled this agreements when looking back on how Europe did not give their people freedom and were aware of the religious wars among other religions and the danger it would be to adopt just one religion. That is absolutely true! The fact that favoring one religion as opposed to all the others would cause major chaos. In today’s society this country is so diverse and has so many religions that choosing just one religion would change a major aspect of this country one of our biggest concerns would be the constitution where we have the freedom of religion and…show more content…
There is already so much tension between these arguments that addressing this problem and finally answering the question of “is America a Christian nation?” would spiral into so
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