Argumentative Essay: Is Andrew Jackson A Monster?

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Andrew Jackson: A Monster

Some may think that Andrew Jackson was a hero, but his horrific actions during his time as president, prove otherwise. While he was president, he did many things that made a negative impact to our country. Nobody should forget these things, for they are what make him a monster. Those things include, The Trail of Tears, the fact that he enjoyed violence, and that he was a murderer.
To begin, Andrew Jackson was the reason that so many Indians had to leave their homes. This was called the Trail of Tears. This, was the time where the government forced the Indians, mostly the Cherokee, to leave their homes immediately. They could not take any of their belongings with them, other than what they were wearing. About 25% of them died, which was roughly 20,000 Native Americans. If they got sick, or couldn’t walk any farther, they would soon die. Most infants, elderly, and children did not survive due to their vulnerability to these problems. This major event happened because of Jackson’s racism to Indians. Many natives suffered
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They believe that since he was stubborn, and stuck to his word, he was great. His nickname, “Old Hickory”, means that he was hard to have his mind changed. Andrew Jackson was a very hard person to convince when he had his mind set on something. However, that is wrong. If Andrew Jackson listened to what others had to say, and didn’t let his opinion in the way of business, then maybe we wouldn’t have had the Trail of Tears. Therefore, he was a monster.
In conclusion, Andrew Jackson did many horrible things during his time as president, and those things make him a monster. He should not have been president, because of the decisions that he made before, and during his presidency. If anyone else were to make those same choices, they would surely be impeached, and put in jail. Clearly, Andrew Jackson was a monster and we shouldn’t forget the terrible things that he did to
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