Argumentative Essay: Is Animal Testing Worth It?

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Is Animal Testing Worth It? Every single year, over 100 million animals are mutilated, burned, poisoned, and killed for the sake of cosmetic and drug testing in the United Stated alone (11 Facts about…). A majority of these animals end up looking motley with blood and dye, emaciated, or dead. A lot of cosmetic companies furtively claim to be cruelty free, but they belong to ‘parent companies’ that authorize and perform animal testing. A majority of these experiments on animals are flawed or not carried out properly. Non-animal testing can actually be more accurate because you can use human cells and mixtures that mimic the reactions of the human body. Finally, non-animal testing is more cost effective. Animal testing is not worth the lives of these animals. These painful tests often end up being extraneous. The animals that are most commonly tested on (rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits) do not share as many similarities with humans as these companies would like you to believe. In the 1950’s, a sleeping medicine was tested on mice and rats and seemed completely normal, safe, and effective. However, when it was commercially released,a copious amount of babies were born with extreme deformities. These deformities…show more content…
However, no rodent is similar enough to a human to be considered “safe”. In fact, if someone flipped a coin to decide if a new medicine or product would be safe for them, their results would be just as accurate as animal testing would be and is (Limitations and Dangers). In 2013, a study that was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) found that almost 150 human trials of a medicine to help with inflammation failed`in humans, even though it tested successfully in animals (Animal Testing…). Animal testing is one of the least effective, least safe ways to test new medicines and
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