Argumentative Essay: Is Baseball Americas Pastime?

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Has baseball lost its cool? Baseball is a very popular sport in America although there is very much controversy on whether it is fading away or still thriving strong in America. Baseball has been around since 1839. The sport has evolved very much over the past 178 years. The game has always been thought to be “Americas Pastime” but in modern society some people believe that may not be the case. Is baseball Americas Pastime? It is a huge debate that has been developing over the past ten to twenty years. Although baseball is thought to be Americas favorite sport, The World Series is the third most watched sporting event which trails behind both football and soccer. Baseball may not be the most watched sport but the sales in popular baseball movies in the past thirty years can also prove its popularity. According to Jonathan Mahler, "These include the millions of boys and girls who join thousands of youth, scholastic, collegiate and American Legion baseball teams, along with the men and women who play baseball and softball in industrial and semiprofessional urban and rural leagues, and the continuing interest in the history and cultural meaning of baseball, as measured by the sale of baseball books, the popularity of baseball films like “The…show more content…
Baseball can be extremely boring at times because there are rarely any great plays made and for the most part it is not very action packed. Baseball does not have much physical contact which most people enjoy in today’s society, this also drives people away to a contact sport. The game of baseball is very long and can be five to six hours at time with little action, this can be extremely hard to endure (Foxsports 1). Scoring is very limited in games unless it is a blowout. These factors contribute to baseball being boring which leads to people liking a sport that is full of action or more fast
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