Argumentative Essay: Is College The Best Option?

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Is College the Best Option College is a place that people go to study in and get their degrees. College helps students get educational and be more knowledgeable. Also, it teaches them who to take responsibilities and do their works. College helps students and gives them a degree which will help them get a better job. In my perspective college is the best place for people to go and get their degrees. First, In terms of college is the best option for people or not, many authors have different opinions it is a good option or not for people to go to college. Some people believe going to college is the beast option because after graduating from college the degree from college will help the get a job. Also, it prepares people or student for life and it teach them more about life. college helps…show more content…
Also, there are some students stuck it out in the college for one or two years, and they change their majors, start over, drop classes, and finally drop out without any degree. Schlack think going to college is not always the best option because those students who fail in college because they are not prepared for college, and people told them the only option for them is college. I think student will not succeed in college if they are not prepared. Students who think he or she won’t success in college they should find a job after high school or go to community college. Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill in their article “should everyone go to college,” they believed that everyone should have the chance to go to the college, and it is very important in our life. Owen and Sawhill said that college education earnings money to your income. They recommend college education, but before you attend college you should be well prepared for college. On the other hand, the authors said that college may not the best option for some people and it can be wasting time if they don’t use it in a good
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