Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth It For Me?

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Nowadays, college is a hot topic among every person in America. Young or old, the topic of college always seems to come up in almost any context. Even in the presidential election, a main topic that came up was the issue of college debt. Everybody wants to know, “will college be worth it for me?” While going to college may seem like a wasteful experience, the fact is that getting a college education is the most beneficial choice. The overbearing factor in a person’s decision to go to college is money. They want to make the choice that will result in their monetary success. The best way one can try to ensure their future employment is to complete college. Those who choose to acquire their bachelor’s degree can expect to earn “about $415 more a week than workers whose highest level of education is a high school diploma,” and have about half of their…show more content…
Simply being able to attend college doesn’t guarantee success, as source C states that, “a good proportion (more than 40 percent) of those attending four-year colleges full time fail to graduate, even within six years.” This lack of success brings about underemployed college graduates with debt accrued during an unsuccessful venture. On the subject of underemployment, there are “more than 100,000 janitors with college degrees, and 16,000 degree-holding parking lot attendants,” leading some to believe that a college degree wouldn’t be worth the time. While underemployment does exist, it is not necessarily proof that college is a worthless endeavor. There are a multitude of reasons why college graduates would take a job that isn’t top tier, and there are still plenty of job opportunities for college graduates. Regardless of unspecific statistics regarding the employment of college graduates, those with a bachelor’s degree are certain to have more job opportunities and a higher chance of being employed according to source
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