Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Cost?

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Is College Worth the Cost? Life’s success is achieved in different ways. (Director, n.d.) A lot of television programs and magazines instills the idea in us that being successful means; having a fulfilling career, having a lot of money and being powerful. Most religious and spiritual organizations, in contrast, claim that success means being at peace with God and finding spiritual happiness. (Berger, 2013)Another idea regarding success focuses on a relationship. Relationships success involves spending time with friends and family and being surrounded. College education can assist in achieving some types of achievement. (Berger, 2013)However, it makes little or no difference whether the individual is successful or not in other life areas. Some professions such as medicine, law, engineering and teaching require college education. (Allen, 2011)However, some careers such as sports star, business person and movie star do not require college education. (Director, n.d.)These people are yet considered successful. As a matter of fact, achieving spiritual happiness and being surrounded by friends and family in a successful relationship has nothing to do with college education. (Berger, 2013) Acquiring a college degree is a milestone a lot of people only dream…show more content…
College education doesn't guarantee employment. In 2012, there was a lot of evidence suggesting the education to work link being broken. (Allen, 2011) A lot of college graduates are searching for work today. A lot of college students feel that college is a waste of money. (Berger, 2013)According to a sociologist at New York University, Richard Arum, 64% of students show improvement in critical after four years in college. They do not learn what they want to. They have to attend classes that have little or nothing to do with their major. (Allen,
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