Argumentative Essay: Is Columbus A Hero?

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Columbus has long since been renowned as a talented explorer that is graced with the recognition of discovering what we call America, however, deeper insights and research have proved him to be less than an entirely respectable man. Historians have since proven that not only did he never step foot on North American soil, gruesome atrocities have been committed in his name, the accounts of such being from his own writings.
Contrary to popular belief, Columbus is not the explorer we, as children, have been taught he was. A common impression educators place upon children is that, not only is he a hero but that since he discovered these lands, of course he could not hurt people that were already there. He landed in modern day Bahamas thinking he was in India. He then explored portions of modern day Haiti and Dominican Republic. The reason, one may be asking, why we even celebrate it as a federal holiday? Politics. Franklin
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There is no sense in honoring a mass murderer who committed genocide, gave way to child slavery, abuse, and rape as well as torturing innocent communities and cultures all in the name of something as materialistic as fame and money. Looking deeper into the tragedy that is his interaction with indigenous people it would only seem right to honor the cultures that have since thrived even after such damage. That being said, the day would be more ethically sound being celebrated in the name of Indigenous People.
Overall, the neglect that is placed upon this fairly well known information shows that we are not yet entirely dedicated to the equal treatment and representation of such marginalized groups of people. Columbus was no doubt one of the most significant setbacks in the history of Native culture. America’s time would be better spent celebrating the vibrancy of diversity Columbus tried to eliminate that remains past the crimes against humanity itself he has
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