Argumentative Essay: Is Dance A Sport?

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Have you ever told anyone that you think dance is a sport and they have disagreed with you? A lot of people say that dance isn't a sport, but I disagree. I am going to be telling you three reasons why I believe dance is a sport. My three reasons are competition, practice, and dance is a stress reliever.

My first reason is competition. Competition is something that you have to make and have time to do it. Competition can be very hard for some people, because if you can’t do something that they ask you to do, there might be a slimmer chance of you making the team. In order to make competition, you need to be able to complete most of your splits, turns, etc. Competition is something that you have to be brave and good at, because you are
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Dance practice can be very long and tiring. In order to get better at dance you have to keep practicing and practicing until it’s perfect. At practice you have to stretch, you have to have stamina, and you need to work hard at it. In practice you can make goals and achieve them, usually quickly, depending on how hard you work. Fun fact- Did you know that dancers practice between 5- 10 hours a week? That’s a lot of work for them to do. In practice, you need to make sure that you have all the steps right, all of the counts right, and especially the choreography right. Practice makes dance a sport because all other sports have practice to make them better. That's what dance does to you if you work hard.

My third reason is dance is a stress reliever. Dance is a great way to relieve stress and to express your feelings to others. When you dance you really have to show your feelings about dance because if you don't, then people won't know them. If you show your feelings in a dance, people will actually see what kind of dance you're doing or what kind of story is behind the dance.

In conclusion, I think that dance is considered a sport because you perform in a competition, you have dance practice, and dance is a stress reliever. I hope that by reading this paper it has persuaded you to think that dance is a

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