Argumentative Essay: Is Democracy In The United States?

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I feel the United States is a nation being hamstrung by corruption, and politicians that favor money over the well-being of the people. With the electoral primaries underway the GOP and DNC are showcasing flaws that question whether democracy exists in the United States. During the Iowa primaries, Republican Ted Cruz told voters Ben Carson would be dropping out. This strategy by Cruz led him to beat Trump by 3.3%. On the other side of the fence, Democrat Hilary Clinton hasn’t yet been indicted for the controversy surrounding her e-mails. The most frightening thing is that she is continuing to run despite looming prosecution, which raises the question whether she is truly above the law. I would be surprised if she was formally charged, her husband has yet to be put behind bars for lying under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. If you were to ignore the controversy surrounding her e-mails, you are faced with another controversy surrounding her speeches to Goldman Sachs. She accumulated 21 million from for her speeches, and 1.8 million of it were from big banks. She even accepted money one month prior to announcing her candidacy for president. Eyebrows were raised questioning whether Hilary Clinton was attempting to buy her way into becoming president. As her…show more content…
For those that don’t believe it exists can refer to the televised cases of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, and Sandra Bland. Minorities are dying at an alarming rate by police officers, exposing the underlying issues a majority of minorities face in the United States. Institutionalized racism has led to events such as: the Baltimore riot, the New York protest, the Ferguson riot, and ultimately birthed the movement Black Lives Matter. When police officers aren’t being prosecuted for the death of a person, there is a
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