Argumentative Essay: Is Driving For Teens?

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Is Driving for Teens?

Many states have increased the age at which teens can drive because of safety concerns. Teens will have to rely on their parents to give them transportation. Most teens will ought to stay at home when school events come up if their parents cannot give them the transportation. Some teens would have to walk to their jobs and would doubtlessly not make it to the job in time. The age of which teens can begin to drive should not be increased because driving gives one freedom, driving allows teens to work, and driving teaches responsibility. First, driving at 16 gives teenagers more freedom. When we obtain our license at the age 16, we get to experience new places. New places give us a better view of how we
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When teenagers go to a football game, they will be able to meet their curfew. Driving teaches young adults to follow the laws so they do not get in trouble. We learn to save money for our car and gas expenses. One can make sure to take care of her car. We drive at 16 to educate ourselves on the responsibility of having a car. Some think that teens should not be driving and the driving age should be raised. People say 16-year-olds are immature and irresponsible. 16-year-olds like to fool around and be unintelligent. Teens can wreck because they do not understand certain rules of the road. One can listen to music too loudly and not watch what they are doing. Responsibility becomes absolutely important when one owns and drives a car. Most teens get into accidents because we are not that experienced in driving. However, I believe 16-year-olds are responsible enough to drive. 16-year-olds drive to have more freedom and learn how to drive alone. One is allowed to work and be taught responsibility. Driving teaches teenagers how to experience the freedom of commuting alone. Driving helps one start a career in their future. Therefore, I believe the driving age should not be
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