Argumentative Essay: Is Football Too Dangerous?

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Is football dangerous?
Football has been around for many years, but is it too dangerous to play. I have overlooked 3 articles that discussed both the benefits and the difficulties of the sport. A range of things could happen from head injuries to broken bones.But it’s not all bad, it has its perks high school football can lead to college scholarship and also lead to professional playing which gives students time to practice and get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, playing football is in fact dangerous it causes serious injuries and fatal traumas.
Football has the highest number of sport related injuries compared to all the other states. The sport alone has 4 out of 1,000 high school students leaving due to an injury (Source 1). The thing about football is that getting an injury is that it mostly happens during practice when they run plays during practice. Running plays are the leading cause in injury in both high school and
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This does not give older and bigger student a chance to hurt younger ones. The rules in football practice changes,they don’t have as much contact and some plays are not being used. “No full speed head- on blocking or tackling drills during practice.” and “ The amount of contact is limited to 1\3 of practice time” (Source 3). This means that during practice there won't be as much contact to prevent the risk of injury.
In conclusion, I believe that football is a dangerous sport to play. The players suffer from head trauma, and C.T.E. The best way to try to reduce the number of injuries in football is to do less workouts and drills during practice. If it was up to me I would continue to let high school students play football. It shows that these students have passion and a love for this sport and regardless of the pain that comes with it why take that
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