Argumentative Essay: Is Going To College Worth It?

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Is going to college worth it? Have you ever went through the tough problem that millions of Americans go through each May, paying tens of thousands of dollars on getting a college degree? Some people think it is better to get a degree because you will get a better job, I disagree. In America, there is a gap in blue collar jobs. A blue collar job is a job that requires physical activity, like plumbing or construction. Now on average a blue collar job can pay 50,000 dollars a year, and a white collar job will pay 70,000,but that 70,000 won’t sound so sweet after being about 60,000 in debt right? So another benefit of going straight into the work force right after high-school is having four more years of experience under your belt than having to wait. Another great statistic is: 35% will only hire you if you have a bachelors degree, guess how much percent will take you straight out of college…. 36%, and 29% if you have your associates degree which costs 25,000 and only takes two years to get, and that 25,000 sounds better than 60,000? Right? Usually it takes 21 years to pay off getting a bachelors degree.…show more content…
Here are some examples of successful people: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jesus, Malcom X, Kanye West. Some of these people I listed either dropped out or didn’t even go to college. The point I’m trying to get across to you is not “don’t go to college” it is only go to college if you know for a 100% fact that you will use your degree. Author Peter Cappelli states: ”There certainly are people who are not going to need a four-year degree to achieve their dream and potential”. That quote is very true, some people will not need to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to cram information into their head to unlock their full potential, some people need to learn a different
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