Argumentative Essay: Is Golf A Sport?

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There is a valid argument out there that golf is not a sport. As a person that has played golf before, I believe it is a sport. There are reasons to support my claim, such as golf meets the definition of a sport. Another reason is golf requires physical exertion.
My final reason that golf is a sport is it uses 17 different muscle groups.

Golf is a sport. In the dictionary it meets the definition of a sport. People play golf as a pleasure activity, when people play basketball as a pleasure activity. Golf is a very athletic sport. You have to be able to judge how hard to hit the ball and where to hit it to.

Golf is a rigorous sport. It requires a lot of physical exertion. It becomes very physical when you have to carry your clubs for 18 holes. On average a 9 hole golf course is 2.5 miles. Which is a lot when you are carrying a 30 pound bag with clubs. It is even harder when it is 90 plus degrees out.
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You use your hand, wrist, arm, abdomen, and legs. With the use of these muscle groups you will stay active. When you swing a golf club constantly you’re arms and shoulders will start to hurt and burn. This make golf harder than it already is.

The opposing side of this argument is that golf is considered not a sport. The main point of the counter argument is that golf isn’t a rigorous activity. Compared to other sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis you burn less calories. In golf on average you burn 360 calories a hour. Which is 2 to 3 times less compared to
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