Argumentative Essay: Is Homework Helpful Or Harmful To Students?

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Brian Dupuis
Argumentative Essay
How important is this icon of education? Is homework helpful or harmful to students? Is homework something that eats up students time and energy for no real purpose? Do we need new ideas that move away from homework or is change too frightened, stuck on those famous eight words, “But, we’ve never done it that way before?” I do not believe that homework makes a student smarter and is not needed for academic success.
Homework is done by every student in school, starting in kindergarten, but the question is - is it a useful learning tool? Homework basically forces students to go home after a stressful day of school to do pointleskas assignments. These ideas should be taught and worked on in class. Students should not have to learn by themselves. Homework prevents children from leading balanced lives. Many students do not have enough time to get a healthy amount of sleep or to participate in activities that keep them in shape and active. How is a student supposed to do three to four hours of homework, study for a ton of tests and quizzes, play sports and get an enough sleep, all in one day? It is impossible to get to all of these things in one day. The amount of stress homework causes kids is
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Professors at Duke and NYU do not agree with the studies that say homework has no value. They say evidence is clear that students who do not do, or struggle to complete homework have a much harder time in school and usually have poor grades and test scores. The National Educational Association also found that no matter how much students and parents complain, most kids have less than one hour of homework per
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