Argumentative Essay: Is Hop-Frog Justified?

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After reading Egnar Allan Poe’s dramatic story “Hop Frog” many people were asking, “is Hop-Frog justified to do what he did?” People can argue about it all day, but I believe Hop-Frog is justified. The king was relentless in his attacks against Hop-frog, Hop-frog killed him out of self defense, Hop-frog had to get his life with Triappetta back to normal. Imagine being a cripple, dwarf, and a jester. Having just one of those stacked against you would devastate almost everyone on Earth. Unfortunately, Hop-frog has all three of those obstacles going against him. Anyone with a heart would just respect him and not make matters worse for him. However, the King and his eight cronies would not stop harassing Hop-frog. Everyone would agree that a…show more content…
With all of Hop-frog’s disabilities, drinking alcohol is real tough on him, so in other words, alcohol is just a bad idea. For a cheap laugh, the king forces Hop-frog to consume wine. “Come, drink! The wine will brighten your wits.” Obviously, the King is just trying to take advantage of Hop-frog. Back in those days, it was not un common for people to laugh at dwarfs but the King and his followers take it to a whole new level. It made it even more difficult on Hop-frog that the king of all people chose to pick on him, because people get blinded from what’s really important and choose to follow the King. It was rare that someone would try to stand up for Hop-frog, but one day the King was in the process of convincing Hop-frog to drink. The King’s face turned purple with frustration as Hop-frog declined. Trippetta politely went to her knees to beg the King to stop and “spare” her friend Hop-frog. “At last without uttering a syllable, he pushed her violently from him, and threw…show more content…
However the only person who had to deal with the pain was Hop-frog so its not really up to anyone but Hop-frog to say if it was a good idea or not. God only gives us one life to sacrifice a whole bunch of years because of some ignorant king isn’t the best way to live. There are many times in the story where Hop-frog asks the King politely and professionally to leave him alone, and the King just laughs and abuses him more. Hop-frog someday wanted to start a family and that would be next to impossible with the King still alive. “The ghost of wit isn’t well liked but once people got to know him they learned a lot” (Poe 10.) It is a huge tragedy how people cannot look past someone’s disability and get to know them. This story isn’t about killing the King, its all about how its crucial to get to know people even if they are a little different. Back in the day, killing was (unfortunately) very common. Today whenever there is a murder it will make the front page, but back then people would just shrug when they heard the news of a killing. Obviously, that doesn’t make slaughtering right, but under the circumstances (and the mindset back then) the killing of the King and his eight friends has been
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