Argumentative Essay: Is It Better To Start School Later?

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DING! DING! The alarm goes off. Still tired the teenage student hits the snooze button and tries to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Sound familiar? Well some people want the school day to start earlier for various reasons. Could you imagine having to get up earlier then you do now for school? I think they should keep the Later start because it is more beneficial for them to start school later and get the rest we need to learn. Nearly two years ago the Montgomery County leaders voted to start the school day later so that kids could get the sleep that they needed to function during the school day. The debate that they thought was settled a couple years ago started to show a come back in Maryland's largest school system. They want to change the time that school starts back to the original time. This is a bad idea because their body’s are already on a sleeping schedule for a later time. It would be more difficult for them to get up earlier and attend school on…show more content…
They said that the bus rides were longer which made the kids more tired and ansey. The Employee unions are urging the school to return to the old starting time. They are saying it would be best for students and staff. The parents who support the later school start time emailed them backing the later school start time that was adopted in early 2015. The decision in 2015 to change the school start time later was based of two years of study and debate. Supporters have argued that later high school start time were a good decision because kids are more likely to go to bed later and wake up later. They also said that kids with lack of sleep are at increased risk of depression, car accidents or other problems. But since they changed the time to a later start time at the high school the elementary schools had to change there time also which adds 20 extra minutes to the
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