Argumentative Essay: Is It Fair?

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A total of 1000 court cases where the defendant plead innocent 25 percent of whites, 18 percent of blacks, and 12 percent of Latinos got their sentences reduced through bargaining.(Noisette) Along with these people the poor also are not treated fair, imagine a father or a sibling couldn’t afford an attorney for his court trial, so he then was sentenced for five years but then stayed 50 years to finally pay off the attorney. This is a great example where minorities and poor people have a disadvantage vs a wealthy white person. This is a direct violation of the law saying everyone has the right to a fair trial but the statistics show that it really isn’t fair.To fix this problem we can have a system to test judges, stop racial and economic profiling,…show more content…
About 80 percent of people have an attorney provided from the state(Levintova, Lee, and Brownell). Yet a wealthy person can pay for an attorney that could easily win a case even if they are guilty. Many public defenders have an abundance of other cases and have limited time to work on that person 's case. “PD parlance for meeting clients just a few minutes or hours before their hearings and then encouraging them to admit guilt just to get rid of the case”(Levintova, Lee, and Brownell). Sounds great having your defender telling you to give up huh? It truly show how great and how “fair” the court system is. “Too often, those who are poor receive lower quality defense than those who have the means to pay”(Brunt). These defenders are only looking at these cases for about an hour were a privately paid defender is focused on one case that they can look at it as long as they need to. So yah the wealthy who are willing to spend some extra money have an advantage over people who don’t have as much money. So we need to change how courts deal with the defender. To do this we have to have private attorneys cost as much as public defenders and after the case they can pay off the defender in a certain amount of time so they don’t go to jail for that after the court
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