Argumentative Essay: Is It Safe To Have Kids?

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Having kids for most people is a lifelong dream they have, while others do not see themselves having kids, or women who want kids and cannot. For women who do not want kids, it is simply because they do not want them nor do they want the financial trouble, responsibility, and they want more time with their careers. By choosing not to have kids is not being selfish, its being responsible.
For many young adults that are focused and devoted to their careers and in serious relationships, having kids is just not in the picture. They are not willing nor have the longing to give up their hard-earned money, energy, themselves, or time to raise a child. They would like more time to spend with each other, freedom from responsibility of raising kids and, financial freedom. Many celebrities like Jay Leno, Steve Martin, George Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey are all childfree because they are focused on their careers, and simply do not have time to raise a child. Research have found and put women who are childless are put into categorizes like, Hedonists; who are not willing to sacrifice money, and their time to children, Emotional; who choose not to become mothers have no
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Yes, in some parts of the world it is unsafe to have kids, but there are many alternatives and ways to protect your child. Some researchers found individual factors as well as social factors, access to legal abortion, and effective contraceptives. For woman who have abortions because they have found out they are pregnant and do not want the responsibility, financial stress, and other factors, I believe are wrong. They know the consequences of sexual intercourse and what happens. Yes, not all contraceptives are one hundred percent but there are many ways to prevent pregnancy if you do not want kids. For women who do not want kids and end up pregnant, there are adoption agencies who have women who are looking for kids who cannot have
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