Argumentative Essay: Is Obesity A Disease?

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Is Obesity a Disease? The rise of new technologies has been simplifying work in the recent era. People today may find themselves working in front of a monitor, sitting down for hours, sipping or munching on their favorite snack. Around twenty years ago, the common American began to sit back and watch TV for hours. In addition, they would most likely snack on unhealthy foods while doing this. As time went on, these actions became common to the American customs. Due to this, obesity became more common and questions rose; is obesity a disease or a common defect? Although by definition obesity meets the standards of a disease, obesity is preventable unlike the common diseases. The Sedentary Lifestyle In comparison to Americans of the late 1960s and early 2010s, 33% were obese in the early 2010s when compared to the late 1960s 14% were obese. (Ogden) With these statistics the evidence is clear that there has been something done different in these two eras. Since there was a small amount of jobs that consisted inactivity in the late 1960s, it can be concluded that with the rise of technologies that would reduce physical work & simplify the work to an elemental state in the early 2010s the American society slowly became less inactive physically…show more content…
Just like how medical conditions such as alcoholism can be prevented by reducing the body intake of alcohol, if obesity can be prevented by eating healthy, exercising regularly & staying active. The opposing side may argue that obesity is a disease because obesity can be a generic disorder passed on through family generations. Although this is true, this doesn’t mean that obesity is inevitable, this just means that the host will have to work a lot harder to return to a healthy physical state. In conclusion, the American society have the choice to be obese or not. Obesity is a choice, not a

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