Argumentative Essay: Is Our Criminal Justice System Fair?

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Throughout history, the idea of having the most power has been the ultimate goal. Power can benefit those who have it and those around it if it doesn't get out of hand. But, power becomes too much when it becomes destructive. Adolf Hitler is one of the best examples of power getting out of control. Hitler worked his way up in German politics and became Chancellor/dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945. He believed in “racial hygiene” which led to the Holocaust. He organized concentration camps and a Nazi army because he had the power to. People were too afraid of the dictator and his powers to do something about his gruesome actions. World War II broke out and millions of Jewish people, Polish people, and many more died horrible deaths. Because of his actions, many bloodlines and families were lost. Adolf Hitler believed he was doing the world a favor, but the results were…show more content…
People question this because in America, there is a clear advantage and power that prosecutors and other people in the law system have. In the United States, prosecutors are granted autonomy and immunity. Autonomy is the right of living one's live as one pleases and immunity is the exemption from penalties, payments, or legal requirements. So, if they commit a crime, they have immunity and cannot be tried, therefore, America has corruption lawyers in the law system. This already gives them an unfair advantage. In addition to autonomy and immunity, “they control secret grand jury proceedings, who will be prosecuted, and the specifics of charges” ( Prosecutors’ power in the court system becomes destructive when they have innocent defendants admit to crime to receive lesser charges. Prosecutors have an enormous leverage. If this leverage was decreased, the USA would have a fair and beneficial court system that would not destroy families, lives, and their
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