Argumentative Essay: Is School Funding Equal In America?

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The school funding is not equal in America. Some schools are able to have many different programs and some cannot even afford one. The government is giving more money to schools in the “better” areas, but nothing can tell you what makes one area better than the other. The government wants people to be equal even though they are not giving the money out equally that effects people. The schools in America should have equal funding so that each child can receive the same chance as another. School funding should be equal because every student deserves a chance to succeed. One reason why is because one school should not have to be overcrowded while another school is below the maximum capacity. The first school, P.S. 79, has 1550 students, while school P.S. 24 only has 825. School P.S. 79 does not have enough classrooms so they combine two classes and divide them by just a blackboard. With the classrooms being overcrowded the students are really close together. When they are that young they can get distracted easier. Meaning if one student does something they stop paying attention to the teacher and pay attention to the student. When they stop…show more content…
Citizens of America should look at the different schools and the funding they receive compared to the environment the students live in. One may realize that the educational system is not right, giving one school more money because of the location. Once people realize this they can write to the government or even protest my pulling their kids out of the school to show how providing one school more money is going to give the students at the poorer school a smaller chance at being successful, meaning those students may not get a job to support a family or just them. Making the funding equal would make America better as a whole because more students will go to college, receive degrees, and get better
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