Argumentative Essay: Is Trix Just For Kids?

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Let's take an adventure and unravel the age-old question "Are Trix just for kids?" Trix are not just for kids. Myself, a teenager at the age of 15, would love to enjoy a bowl of Trix in the morning but everyone always says, "Silly Josh, Trix are for kids." I disagree with this statement. Do parents want to teach their kids to be greedy. No! Teach them to share their fruity magic! Despite what those kids may say in the commercial I believe that Trix aren't just for kids. People and animals of any age, shape or size are allowed to enjoy the fruity magic that a bowl of Trix brings to the breakfast table.
As I said before I am a teenager who really loves Trix. How do you think it makes me feel inside when I wake up on Saturday mornings grab my Trix and start watching Saturday morning cartoons an then there comes the Trix commercial. I feel
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In America, where Trix are sold, more than a third of the population is obese. Now we introduce Trix. Trix are not the most health food. That is why we should teach kids to share it with everyone. This way the kids won't eat as much Trix and the obesity levels could drop a drastic amount in sometime. Another negative effect that can happen on kids is they become like gollum with the ring. They turn into Trix monsters controlled by the magic of Trix. We are teaching the younger generation to share but saying Trix are only for them is creating monsters. I was at my little cousins house and I saw she was having a bowl of Trix. I thought to myself "mmmm Trix I think I will have a bowl." I grabbed the backs and she stared at me as a pored the Trix into the bowl. I asked her what her problem was. She laughed at me and said "Trix are for kids. Your not a kid and I am. All the Trix there, they are mine. Ok?" I responded with a table flip. Therefore we should not teach kids that Trix are only for them because they could become obese Trix
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