Argumentative Essay-It's Time To Drought In California

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Would you like to turn your backyard into a bathroom? The drought in California is causing thousands of lives to deteriorate. It is barbaric that the drought has a major influence in our lives. The citizens want to regulate water so they can continue on with their daily lives. Naturally, farmers want it the other way where one does not get to use the water for a long time.
To elaborate, the citizens need laws to regulate water for their everyday needs. “When it first went dry, we used to drive to my daughter’s house in Visalia about 45 minutes away to have a shower,” he says (Source 2). One needs to drive all the way to another’s house merely to take a shower! For example, if one needs to go to the bathroom, but there is no running water how is one gonna do their business. “Sometimes,” she says,... “when she needs
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“It’s just amazing, the amount of people that call and want wells. A customer called this morning and I’m supposed to do two for him, and he said, ‘Add 14 to the list’” (Source 3). This drought is administering jobs for other civilians. More importantly, it is helping the company get money for new machines so more water can be regulated for the citizens. Of course, one might argue that we need food to live. “City folks just don 't understand that they 're biting the hand that feeds them, I 'm afraid" (Source 1). Certainly, food is a necessity to the human system, however, examination reveals that water is more vital. Water contains plenty of nutrients that helps your body to maintain its health. Specifically, one can live up to months with only water but can live only weeks with only food. It is apparent that California should regulate water. There is no one on Earth that would be all right with living without water. Regardless what other people think, water is a part of one’s life to achieve the human

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