Argumentative Essay-It's Time To End Student Loans

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In today’s world most people recently graduated from high school believe that whatever scholarships don’t cover a student loan must be taken out to cover the cost of college. This is never true. Everyone who takes out a student loan later regrets it. They are designed to look like a good deal, but in reality they are made to put college kids into debt. In the end student loans are the reason most people drop out of college. By the end of college most students have racked up tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. All of which they are forced to pay back, and for someone fresh out of college that is extremely hard in most cases. In most fields it takes a few years to step into a career that is financially giving enough to pay off these loans. By that time most of the loans have expanded due to interest, and…show more content…
This is also a bad idea because of interest. What may seem like a small loan now probably has a very high interest rate, so what seemed like an investment that could easily be payed off turned into more debt. Student loans are the main reason people drop out of college. When someone drops out of college, most of the time it isn’t due to failing grades. It’s just because they can’t pay for college. After all the scholarship and grant money are used, most people in college are just kind of lost wondering how they’re going to pay for the next semester. And if they can’t figure it out in time then usually they default to student loans or just dropping out. In conclusion student loans are a terrible idea. They are tricky and usually lead to paying much more than intended. It is a decision many later regret in life. Anyone who has taken out a student loan will tell you it is a bad idea. So many take out a loan and end up not being able to pay for it, dropping out of college, and still having to pay off the debt. It is better to just avoid student loans and debt in
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