Argumentative Essay: It's Time To Get Paid

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“It’s Time To Get Paid College Style”

On December 30, 2016 the University of Michigan played Florida State University in the Capital One Orange Bowl. All-American tight-end Jake Butt tore his right ACL in the first quarter of the game. Jake Butt said, "I should be the example of why college athletes should be getting paid in college or why I can 't use my name to benefit off my likeness in college," Butt said after Michigan 's Pro Day on Friday (Rothstein). Jake believes that players should be compensated for what they do on the field. Jake has declared for the NFL Draft in April, but he knows that with his injury instead of being a first round pick he will now most likely be a third or fourth round pick. As Jake said himself he is a
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One is the universities sell merchandise involving these players, and players don’t get compensated for the extra hours of work they put in for the team’s publicity. With universities selling merchandise they of course, make money off of it. Most merchandise sold are jerseys. All jerseys sold are the players’ numbers like Jake Butt who is number 88. Many players feel that if they are having their numbers and names publicized and sold, then they feel they deserve to earn money from…show more content…
With players getting injured they do deserve to get paid. They as well deserve to get paid for going to bowl games. When the season starts all teams are not guaranteed a bowl game or chance in a tournament. On the schedule there are only 13 or 12 games to be played in football and more in basketball, baseball, and etc. When a team makes a bowl game or tournament then they are being asked to play another game that is not on their schedule. When they play more games they miss out on even more school work with more and more practices and more risks of getting injured.

One might say that the money is a distraction from school, and their team. However they are thinking incorrectly, just to get into Michigan you must have a 3.8 GPA on a 4.0 grade scale just to get in. With these athletes having to keep a high GPA they don’t have time to focus on money instead of classes, otherwise they might not even be going to that school anymore.

There are those who think that college athletes shouldn’t get paid for playing in games, but there are those who do think so. If schools don’t want to pay athletes dollars a week then they could help pay for basic necessities, or help to pay for recovery from an
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