Argumentative Essay-It's Time To Stop Big Game Hunting

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Have you ever been hunting? Maybe for deer? Could you imagine hunting big animals such as elephants, tigers, and lions? I understand hunting deer, but elephants? No way! Big game hunting should NOT be allowed. It can cause extinction, and can leave some animals with no habitats due to humans taking over their land. Big game hunting causes many different negative things to happen, but on of those negative things is that it can cause extinction. Currently, elephants are endangered because humans are selfish and want to take their ivory tusks. Humans have also depleted the tiger population down to less than 2,500 tigers in the whole world. When a certain species is removed from their ecosystem, it can have effects on their prey and their predators. Their prey’s population would increase, and their predator’s population would decrease due to their being nothing for it to eat. …show more content…

As animals underpopulated, us humans will take up more land to benefit ourselves. As we are taking up more land, we are taking away land from the animals that are left. This confines them, and also puts humans at risk for injury. If animals can see that humans are becoming more selfish over land, the animals may become more hostile and hurt humans. I can see how people would think this is okay--they just want to show off how “cool” they are. Even so, big game hunting should not be allowed. It is killing so many animals and leaving them with little to no

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