Argumentative Essay: Keep Guns Off Campus

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Keep Guns off Campus
Parents expect their child to be in a safe environment at school. They should have trust that the school will protect their child from any harm on campus. However, there are many violent crimes that have occurred on campuses. Should guns be allowed on campus? Students having their own personal guns could be used for personal protection. Sometimes there are not enough policemen on the campus to help protect students from insane individuals. Perhaps a student with a concealed weapon can protect students with their own personal gun. However, guns on campus could result into tragedies. A student having guns on campus could enact on killing innocent students. Guns shouldn’t be permitted for students on college campuses.
In fact, students may have the intentions to harm. Some students would be irresponsible with the use of a gun. For instance, at the University of Georgia an argument escalated then the student pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and started firing shots (Reindl, Cocco, 7). In addition, a student with a mood disorder could enact aggressively with the use of a gun. The individual could hold a full classroom of students and teachers hostage for hours on campus. The student could make threats to kill everybody in the classroom or anticipated to
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Guns are an issue in society; therefore, it would be dangerous for guns to be on campus. On college campuses it’s populated with many students .Guns being prohibit on campus could cause conflicts on the property of the school. For instance, a gun could accidently fire a shot in the classroom. Individuals would feel frighten in the class. Students are too young to handle a concealed weapon; they don’t have the experience to operate a gun. As a result, guns should be banned from schools to protect young citizens from being harm. It’s not fair for inexperience students to have guns, if they are not trained properly for a concealed

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