Argumentative Essay: Let's Keep The Big Sticks

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Let’s Keep the Big Sticks Due to recent unfortunate events in America, a very popular opinion is that this country needs stricter gun control laws. While in essence this may seem like a good idea, as many would put it, “we do not live in a perfect world.” There are multiple faults to stricter gun control that would not benefit our country. With the unconstitutional proposal of stricter gun control laws comes insecurity, lack of self-defense, and the end of freedom. Insecurity The first and perhaps the most obvious reason stricter gun control laws are unnecessary is stricter gun control has proven to be ineffective. Chicago, the city with the strictest gun control laws in the United States of America just had a shooting. This shooting, a regular…show more content…
The United States of America is a free country with rights granted to the citizens in the second amendment of The Constitution to bear arms. Other countries have proven that with the mass removal of guns from society, enslavement soon follows. Take for example, Hitler. He took out anyone who stood in his way to reach the power he wished for and as soon as he got that power he took away all the rights to the citizens he was leading. One of the first things Hitler did to ensure his power was to take away any possibility of the citizens revolting by confiscating their guns. Another instance history has given us of gun control keeping the wrong people in power is Sadaam Hussein. He was head of the Bath party who lived extremely wealthy lives by oppressing minorities. He seized all guns in possession of the Kurds and Shiites. By taking away guns of these groups in the minority he easily tortured and executed all who opposed him. If we let the people in power take away something as simple as our right to own and possess firearms, we should prepare for sudden loss of the rest of our basic rights. In conclusion, gun control laws would not benefit our country as many would like to believe. They have proven to be ineffective, guns would be taken out of citizens’ hands not criminals’, and they are unconstitutional. Theodore Roosevelt said “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” How far will
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