Argumentative Essay: Life After Birth

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So, after the magic of falling pregnant and being super lucky to be able to bring life into the world, you think you are mentally prepared for those newborn days. Well, you 're not. No matter if this baby number one or three we fool ourselves into thinking that getting baby in our arms will be magical. I guess it is in its own right, however, it 's also not walk in the park. Having given birth for me by caesareans I had the added uncomfortableness of not being able to move well afterwards either. There really is nothing more humiliating a few days after the birth than having to ring a buzzer in the hospital bathroom because you have been trying for the last 45 minutes to pull your pants up. Instead however of being successful you now have wet pants from the shower floor, one wide open bathroom door and your unseen for the last 6 months lady garden on show to 3 midwives, a…show more content…
But the realities of parenthood and newborns extends so much further, after all a good ‘debate ' over how the hell the car seat fits logically and safely into the back of the car is always a fun ‘debate ' to have and it 's one you might have several more times over the next few weeks. And let 's talk about breast pumps. No matter what size boobage you have these devices have a clever knack of catching you out, from the window cleaner seeing your milking stations while you double up with the electric pumps while watching Corrie on catch up to squeezing in a sneaky pump session while your own hold for 45 minutes on the phone and the suction fails on one side … the best you can hope for is they don 't think you trumped and followed through Then there are games new parents play to make ourselves feel better. From the close your eyes tight and pretend to snore to ensure your partner gets up instead – yes, the game is real or laughing like a maniac as your son pees in his own face during a nappy change as you once again forget to organise your wipes collection into a spot nearer the

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