Argumentative Essay: Locker Searches In Schools

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Protests have led to numerous amounts of prominent change; however, with this particular issue, protest isn’t the solution; rather, it’s the opposite- to implement locker searches. Locker searches have sparked an abundance of debates concerning the integrity and effectiveness of its outcome. From my perspective, however, I believe locker searches are an ethical and effective process that can easily benefit the school in regards to the security and maintenance of their property.
Many individuals continue to refute the implementation of locker searches. They believe that such processes invade the personal space of developing and insecure students, which lessens the trust between the students and their educational environment. Nevertheless, personal space is an intrusion into someone’s personal affair regarding their ownership. Lockers are branded as school property, which means the "space" certain individuals claim is a factor against the action is nonexistent. Students are in no way obligated to store personal or shameful materials in their lockers, and if schools imply locker searches at the beginning of the school year, students
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Schools, especially high schools, implement various rules banning the usage and appearance of illicit substances or materials such as guns and drugs, in their schools. To avoid suspicion, many students resort to placing such items in their lockers where they believe is private and secure. This leads to the difficulty of identifying individuals who engage in such actions without previous records of the student’s actions or claims that such activity is occurring in the school. Locker searches enable the prevention of such predicaments and assist the school in identifying problematic students. This ensures the students, their guardians, and educators that the school has detected potential
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