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Looking for the Best Deer Bait? Look No Further!

Hello there!

If you’re having a hard time baiting your bucks, this article will be your savior.

Most people drive away deer scouting for food in their backyard. But for hunters, wildlife photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts (like me), a deer is a gem.

Just like a woman, a deer is extremely hard to get. Trust me.

Hunting started out as a hobby but quickly became my passion since I was young, and I would beg my dad to take me with him whenever he goes hunting. Nowadays, I don’t do it as much as I did back then but I would gladly share my knowledge and helpful tips to you.

Going back, a deer’s hearing and sniffing abilities are very advanced that they can detect a human intrusion from …show more content…

The scent is made from natural Doe Estrus Whitetail deer urine (trust me, it doesn’t have a pee smell). It is packaged in a 6.65-ounce aerosol can and costs about $10.

The Buck Bomb’s deer hunting scent is basically doe urine in a can. You may be thinking “that’s gross, but is it really effective?”. Yes, it is. This is how it works: essentially, the doe urine comforts and encourages the approaching buck to cross your bait knowing that there’s a doe nearby, arousing a mating behavior even if he’s sensing something wrong.

The deer spray is amazingly simple to use. You can choose to spray it sporadically or secure it down to scatter its whole contents, hence a “bomb”. Much like the incense sticks, this product also masks odors thereby removing human traces near the bait.

Its fragrance sticks to all it comes in contact with - leaves, logs, trees, and grass, setting down a natural scent that trails back to the …show more content…

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Liquid Deer Attractant


One of the best deer attractants in a liquid form is the Evolved Habitat’s Deer Cane Liquid. This liquid attractant contains liquefied minerals that make a deer go mad. You’ll only have to shed a good $16.85 per gallon of mixture. Mind you, a gallon of this product works like a charm!

The liquid deer attractant product is made from highly active, nutritious minerals. It works by reacting with the moisture from the soil, then discharging vapors that are very inviting for all bucks in the area.

Consequently, the bucks and does will look for the source and once they found it, they’ll lick and gnaw at the mineralized soil, waiting for you to catch them.

Setting up the field where you plan to do the luring will require some effort. First, you need to recognize a reasonable site to set this attractant. Second, you have to get rid of all the vegetation surrounding the area, up to a 4 feet diameter or more. Lastly, you should pour all liquid in the area so that it’s ingested into the field. There goes your

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