Lord Of The Flies Argumentative Essay

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Nic Paradiang 
Mrs. Chapman
English 2
10 February 2016
 Lord of the flies Argumentative Essay
 The greatest leaders of all time were feared. As a matter of fact, one of the most powerful leader in history was Adolf Hitler. In spite of the horrendous things he did overtime, he was very influential to his people. Hitlers leading tactics are along the lines of Jacks. Hitler was a fraud and acted as if he was the nicest man alive to gain the power he needed. Until such time as he showed his true colors and expressed what his true desires were. Would you rather lead people who respect your opinion or only do so because you seem nice? 
 It’s nearly impossible to influence people into respecting your opinion, but as a leader you must show no weakness,…show more content…
This is how nothing got done because nobody feared or respected his authority over them, " ‘ Been working for days now. And look! 
Two shelters were in position, but shaky. This one was a ruin and they keep running off. You remember the meeting? How everyone was going to work hard until the shelters were finished? ‘ “ (Golding 38). As a leader Jack got things done and had complete control over his people, "Go on. Tie them." Now the painted group felt the otherness of Samneric, felt the power in their own hands. They felled the twins clumsily and excitedly... ‘ See? They do what I want ‘ "( Golding 149 ). If you wants things to get done your people need to fear consequences if they do otherwise. 
 If leadership is determined by how kind you are, anybody could be a leader. You need to set down demands so people don’t rebel against you or each other. Your people need to feel afraid to wrong you, otherwise whatever your leading will be corrupt. If you and a group of people are in a difficult situation you don’t want somebody who isn’t going to get things done, and make sure everybody has the same ideas. 
 Everybody has a preference on what kind of leader they want, although everybody wants a stable one. Unless you want to slack off or take over
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