Argumentative Essay: Lost Innocence Of Child Soldiers

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Lost Innocence Contrary to popular thinking, child soldiers are not always as innocent as they seem. In fact, a large number of child soldiers escape their crimes because of the belief that they are victims when frequently they are the perpetrator in this detailed situation. In fact, Many child soldiers quickly adapt to the unhealthy lifestyle, are not held accountable, and fail to resist, yet they are dangerously and wrongfully allowed to be released into society. One main reason that child soldiers are not as innocent as they seem would be how quickly they adapt to the unhealthy lifestyle. In one article, the author describes how fast the children’s innocence is lost and how children accept the style of brutality. To put it simply, the children realize and accept the fact that “war becomes a way of life” (Gates and Reich). This raises the question of whether or not a child soldier who openly accepts the violent lifestyle should be allowed in a peaceful civilization because of their deceptive innocence. If a child…show more content…
Child soldiers are forced into war, and openly accept that it is their new lifestyle. In fact, many articles focus on this subject. As an example, Most openly accept the way of fighting (Gates and Reich). This evidence suggests that there are exceptions regarding resisting the wrongful way of war, however the majority of child soldiers who join the war show little to no resistance. In another article, the author also mentions how much violence the children go through. An example of this would be when it is written that after they are trained, violence becomes normal for them (Gates and Reich). In other words, the children show little resistance after being trained, meaning they accept the brutal way of life. Because of this, it is acceptable to reason that child soldiers do not deserve

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