Argumentative Essay: Marching Season Or Destination

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Marching season in band is rough,it's hot,it's painful,and it's repetitive but at the end of the day when you've marched a competition and gotten your scores are you really thinking about that morning's practice? No probably not. Some say the journey is more important than the destination i think otherwise. First and foremost, it is way more fun when you reach your destination. Just being able to march the whole show in front of all the judges and that moment when the horns go down and the crowd starts clapping and just knowing that you did it, is always better than thinking of practice yesterday. The destination is always more fun than the journey. Moreover, the destination is the most important because there's not as much repetition. Once band camp is over and it's competition time there's less we have to do. We know our spots we know the notes and the counts. The destination is easier than the journey there's less repetition.…show more content…
Reaching your destination just makes you feel more accomplished. Now i understand why someone would say the journey is more important than the destination. Yes it is how you got there and it is important, though after everything is that really what you're thinking about? I don't think so. The destination is what you really were going for, it was what was important to you while practiced. The destination is what you are trying to accomplish it is far more important than the journey. To summarize, the destination is more important than the journey, because the destination is fun, it means less repetition, and makes you feel good. In band marching season is rough, it hurts, it's hot, and it's horribly repetitive, but at the end of the day the destination is all worth
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