Argumentative Essay-May It Please The Court

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May it please the court? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, your honor,

Devon Emerson is deeply in debt. On April 5, 2014 he observed a larger then usual offering at local the church of St. Francis De Sales. The deceased Louis-May Alcott took the offering home every Sunday, so he snuck into her house to steal the money. His aunt caught him. In retaliation the defendant picked up a frying pan and hit her in the head with it. The defendant took the purse with the money in it and ran to his house. The defendant snuck into his cousins car-port to retrieve lighter fluid, that was used earlier that day for an afternoon grill. armed with the bottle of accelerant which was used for a cookout earlier, the defendant ran to Aunt May’s house, drenched the kitchen in accelerant and set the house on fire to cover his tracks, leaving his dead aunt inside. the Defendant whipped clean of finger prints the 2 pieces of evidence that would definitively prove him guilty, the lighter fluid can, and the skillet. then swiftly disposed the purse into the burn pile. Good afternoon ladies
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The defense will call Jaylen Whitman, Devon Emerson’s cousin. Jaylen will probably try to convince you of Emerson’s good nature, but she will not tell you about his known reputation as a rebel rauser. Kendall Philpot, an insurance investigator for the defense will come up here and try to convince you that that the Police department conducted a rushed investigation and thus the outcome was invalid. But what he probably will not tell you is that he has been accused of crimes himself. The defendant, Devon Emmerson, will also be called. This man will to try to convince this court that his is innocent of murdering his aunt, who treated him like a son. However, Devon Emmerson has no alibi, money matching the exact amount of cash from the church offering was sound in Emmerson’s house, and shoe prints from the scene of the crime match only to his

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