Argumentative Essay: Metal Detectors In Schools

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Metal Detectors for Schools School safety is always a major concern that is an important aspect for the adults and students. In history, various situations such as the Columbine shooting have raised concerns involving weapons on campuses that result in injuries or even death. A solution that some have implemented is the addition of metal detectors. However, schools should not install metal detectors because they require money and supervision, can be avoided to allow weapon entry, and alter the feel of a school environment negatively for the students. First, schools should not install metal detectors since a large amount of money and supervision would need to go into the devices. According to metal detector shopping websites MetalDefender and Security Detection, a metal detector can easily cost over one thousand dollars each. Along with schools having multiple ways for entry, the total to buy a sufficient amount of metal detectors could increase into the tens of thousands. School campuses would also need employment to observe the entrance process. In addition, most technology tends to malfunction. Metal detectors would require maintenance work, and since there are so many of them, one is always bound to be down and in need of assistance. With expenses and…show more content…
It is immediately implied that safety and behavior is an issue there since it is anticipated that students are or will be bringing weapons with them to school. In addition to outside onlookers getting some negative feedback, the actual students attending the school have given inputs of not agreeing with the idea of having metal detectors in schools. According to the Ny Daily News website, students feel unwelcomed and see metal detectors as barriers to their school. Knowing that a school is anticipating the entry of weapons does not change the fact that there are students or individuals expected to attack at
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