Argumentative Essay: Mexican Sports Vs American Sports

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American Sports vs Mexican Sports American Sports have a lot of similarities, but they also have a lot of differences. There are many sports that “Americans” and “Hispanics” share, for example one being boxing. Boxing is a huge deal in Mexico and in America as well. Believe it or not baseball is one of the most popular sports in Mexico, which is ironic because America calls baseball our “pastime”. The first team to play baseball under rules were called the New York Knickerbockers. The team was made on September 23, 1845, as a club for the middle classes of New York City, and was strictly amateur until it discontinued. The Mexican League was founded in 1925 by Alejandro Reyes and former baseball player Ernesto Carmona. The league included six teams. Regimiento, México, Agrario, Nacional, Guanajuato and Águila.
Amateur boxing in Mexico first began around 1918, in Tampico and cities along the Gulf of Mexico, mariners would set up make-shift boxing rings marked by four …show more content…

People believe football (soccer) was introduced in Mexico by miners in the 19th century. By 1902 a five team league was made. Football (soccer) became a professional sport in 1943. Since then, Mexico's top clubs have been America with 12 championships, Guadalajara with 11, Toluca with 10 and Cruz Azul with 8. Antonio Carbajal was the first player to appear in five World Cups, and Hugo Sánchez was named best player of the 20th century. Mexico's biggest stadiums are Estadio Azteca, Estadio Olímpico Universitario and Estadio Jalisco.
American Sports and Mexican Sports, have a lot in common and have differences. Mexican sport culture is intriguing and they take some of their sports more serious. American sport culture is intriguing and they take some of their sports more serious. For a fact with the information given, boxing and soccer have a more rich history than the Unites States. But, the United states has more history in baseball than

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