Argumentative Essay: My Country Is Safe In The World

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Have you ever seen the news about a person who got kidnapped and in the next few minutes you automatically forgot about the topic? Have your parents ever told you how our country is no longer safe as it used to be? Have they ever told you that you need to pay more attention of the danger that is happening in the streets? Unfortunately, it was necessary that the person in the tragedy was me, so that I could open my eyes and actually become aware of the danger that exists in the world. As they say, you never learn by someone else’s mistakes. I have always thought of Panama as a country where you could feel safe when going out on a party without even thinking that something bad could happen to you. That was until it happened to me. Yes, so naive… The weekend of my nightmares started in the best way possible. It was a sunny Friday and I was at the beach with my friends hanging out in the pool. We were all so excited for having a great weekend and having a blast in Paradise, a famous beach party. The night finally arrived and we all had a great time, dancing around and drinking. As usual, nothing bad happened to anyone, even if we were a bit drunk, we all got to my beach house safely. The next day I woke up very late from a really bad hangover from the night before and I started to wake everyone else up. I was starving and I needed them to get ready so we could go out and get something to eat. When everyone was finally ready we headed to Coronado to have dinner, where there is a
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