Argumentative Essay: Nasa's Budget Cuts

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If I asked you “What does NASA stand for?” you would probably say either “Need another seven astronauts” or “Need another shuttle also”. Today those jokes can’t be funny because NASA’s funding has been cut by congress, so they could probably use more astronauts and another space shuttle, but they don 't have the funding to hire more people and or keep up with today 's progress. NASA’s funding shouldn’t be cut by the government because NASA doesn’t have much money to support its educational programs, NASA also doesn’t have the funding to keep up with technology, so NASA can’t send anyone into space until 2021, and they won’t have the ability to keep up with the progress which will set them back generations. NASA has recently halted some of their educational programs due to budget cuts and American citizens are not happy. Children and educators around the U.S. are outraged by the budget cut. There are people online petitioning the White House to end the educational cuts (Petition Asks). The public believes that cutting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs isn’t the best for the country. Ending these programs would…show more content…
NASA has claimed that due to budget cuts they have had to put off many mission due to the lack of money for systems. NASA has stated due to a small amount of money and time. They can’t afford to make a system anytime soon, so they won’t be able to send anyone into space until about late 2020s at the earliest("Astronauts Won 't Go To Space Until At Least 2021"). The bill provides not money for the “ Thermal-Infrared Free-Flyer mission”("Astronauts Won 't Go To Space Until At Least 2021").They have also stated that their technology is faltering causing them to have two to three hour time delays("Astronauts Won 't Go To Space Until At Least 2021"). This technology failure will cost NASA more money that they won’t have later. With no money to keep up with the rest of the world and the ever changing technology will just keep setting us
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