Argumentative Essay-Nuclear Energy Is Australia's Future

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Nuclear Energy IS Australia’s Future

I wholeheartedly believe that Nuclear Energy will play an inevitably central role as a reliable energy source in Australia’s future. Australia must invest in Nuclear energy because coal and oil are becoming scarce, requires less fuel and is eco-friendly. Australia is blessed with the world’s largest known uranium resources (a bountiful 38% according to Professor Mary O’Kane NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer). ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) reports: ‘No country of Australia’s economic size or larger is without nuclear power’. Time for Australia to get investing!

1st Point (Coal and Oil become scarce):
To begin with, it is ineluctable that both coal and oil supplies are plummeting due to growing demands; to combat this issue Australia needs Nuclear power as a new form of reliable energy. As shown by the Australian Mining Industry and The World Coal Association, oil and coal depletion will occur around 2060 and 2130 worldwide respectively. For example, The World Nuclear Association states ‘The world’s present measured resources of
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Nuclear power produces fewer carbon emissions than traditional energy sources because energy is not produced by burning molecules but splitting atoms. ‘An energy mix including nuclear power has the lowest impact on wildlife and Ecosystems’ as shown by a Conservation Biology paper. Consequently, greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by nearly half which shows the benefits and popularity of nuclear power use. Nuclear power has many environmental benefits such as small waste production, leaves no adverse effect on water, land or any habitats. By reducing fossil fuel consumption and switching to Nuclear Energy, we will sustain the environment, quality of air, improving the overall quality of
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